July 30, 2013

Napster tries to fight Spotify

Now, Napster will try to fight Spotify. Can they fight against the competition?

Music program Napster was a much debated program around the millennium due to criticism of illegal distribution of music files. The service was as a result of which closed in 2001. The program was again available in 2005, this time with a greater focus on legal sales of music.

From at 1:01 on Tuesday Napster can be used to listen to streaming music in 14 countries.

Rasmus Pedersen Rex from Roskilde University Ph.D. writes about musicians' terms by the digital revolution. He warns against more such flow services.

It is a very market to get into. Napster is going to be another player in a market that is already many competitors at the moment. Basic is not enough room for so many competing services if all go around and make money.

Music service has about 20 million songs, which is about the same number as Spotify and other rivals have. It does not appear that they are close to matching their Spotify offers.

The program is available for mobile devices via Google play and the App Store. For use on the computer used browser media player. This eliminates the need (and ability) to download their own software on the machine before use.