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July 30, 2013

Napster tries to fight Spotify

Now, Napster will try to fight Spotify. Can they fight against the competition?

Music program Napster was a much debated program around the millennium due to criticism of illegal distribution of music files. The service was as a result of which closed in 2001. The program was again available in 2005, this time with a greater focus on legal sales of music.

From at 1:01 on Tuesday Napster can be used to listen to streaming music in 14 countries.

Rasmus Pedersen Rex from Roskilde University Ph.D. writes about musicians' terms by the digital revolution. He warns against more such flow services.

It is a very market to get into. Napster is going to be another player in a market that is already many competitors at the moment. Basic is not enough room for so many competing services if all go around and make money.

Music service has about 20 million songs, which is about the same number as Spotify and other rivals have. It does not appear that they are close to matching their Spotify offers.

The program is available for mobile devices via Google play and the App Store. For use on the computer used browser media player. This eliminates the need (and ability) to download their own software on the machine before use.

Microsoft provides tips on the new Task Manager

Microsoft provides tips on the new Task Manager in Windows 8  Microsoft released Task Manager as a real overhaul of Windows 8, which includes a number of performance tools to help you optimize your PC. In a blog post on Microsoft's official blog, visit the Task Manager close at the seams, and explains optimization tips. The company has also posted a video showing tips.

Go to the Extreme Windows Blog to read all tips

One of the differences in task manager in Windows 7 and Windows 8 is that the Processes tab is totally changed. Performance and networks are also merged, and new tabs Applog and Startup has been added.
We recommend to read more about what Microsoft has to say about the new Task Manager on his blog, to catch all the optimization tips and get more out of Task Manager.

September 10, 2010

Extremely critical vulnerability in PDF reader

Is already being actively exploited by criminals.

Adobe has been made aware of the existence of a vulnerability in its PDF products, and Acrobat Reader, which is already being exploited by malicious.

According to the security firm Secunia the vulnerability is due to an error in font-analysis in CoolType.dll library to the Windows version of the software, but Adobe says that the vulnerability is not operating system dependent. This is apparent in all versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat to version 9.3.4 and earlier.

Using a specially crafted PDF file occurs a stack based buffer overflow bugs that get the software to crash, which could give the attacker full access to the system. This PDF file can be offered to the user as an attachment to an e-mail or via a website.

Connect 24 monitors to your PC

AMD launches new graphics card for the pros.

AMD announced the launch this week a new top model among the company's video products for professional users. ATI Firepro V9800 is the most powerful professional graphics card from AMD to date.

The card is aimed at users of digital content production, CAD and visualization. It supports, among other things Eyefinity technology which allows one adapter to connect to up to six screens at once, by offering a resolution up to 5760 x 2160 pixels.

This can however be extended by using synchronization module ATI FirePro S400, which makes it possible to synchronize the screens from four such video cards. Thus, a single PC could deliver images up to 24 different screens.

The new card is equipped with 4 gigabytes of GDDR5 memory, which is a new record for AMD. The large memory will primarily be useful for users in industries where they treat very large data sets, including the oil and gas industry, medicine and animation.